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If you are planning to start a new business or improving the performance of your existing business the following website may be of assistance:

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• Investment Fiji's core function is to promote, stimulate and facilitate economic development in Fiji through promoting and facilitating investment and exports.
• Also responsible for the issuance of foreign investment registration certificate.
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The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) is committed to the growth of small, micro and medium enterprises (SME’s). In this regard, the Ministry works on policy matters relating to SMEs with its relevant statutory organizations (including NCSMED) implementing these policies.

It provides support, advice and assistance through initiatives such as the Fijian Made and Buy Fijian campaign as well as the National Export Strategy.

Fijian Made and Buy Fijian Campaign

• An initiative by the Government to promote and raise the profile of Fijian made products and produce, both domestically and internationally through a national branding strategy.
• The eight (8) emblems are Fijian Made, Fijian Product, Fijian Packed, Fijian Crafted, Fijian Grown, Fijian Assembled, Fijian Designed and Fijian Sewn.
• To obtain a license to use the emblem (logo), apply to the MIT by downloading the application form from
• SMEs are exempted from the $50 application fee

National Export Strategy (NES)

Implemented in 2007, the NES was developed in 2006 to achieve sustainable economic growth through encouraging competitiveness, value addition and export diversification in areas of competitive advantages.

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• As an employer (person, company, organisation, or body of persons), you are liable to pay FNPF contributions after hiring an employee for one or more days in a month
• As an employer, you are required by law to register your company with the FNPF
• As an employer, you are required to register your employees within one month of the commencement of employment
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• The Fiji Development Bank provides finance, financial and advisory services to assist in the economic development of Fiji, particularly in Agriculture, Commerce and Industry
• Loan funds are provided for Agricultural, Small and Medium Enterprises, Corporate and Micro projects
• The Government also uses the FDB, as a financial instrument in its development projects/plans and special assistance programs that may be necessary from time to time
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FRCA’s services include:
• Registration of Tax Identification Number (TIN)
• Income tax
• Value Added Tax (registration)
• Customs

•Customers also have the opportunity to enquire about SME incentives with FRCA.
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The Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO) was established by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) in 2005.
•PIPSO's mission is to lead the facilitation of private sector economic growth for the benefit of the region.
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The Commerce Commission is an independent statutory body established under the Commerce Commission Decree 2010 to:
• ensure the integrated framework for the regulation of monopoly market structures
• prevent restrictive trade practices
• encourage competition
• ensure consumer protection
• undertake pricing of public utilities
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Biosecurity Authority of Fiji's (BAF) primary role is import and export inspection and certification

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• The Department of Town and Country Planning is responsible for the inspection and approval of the location of your business
• The Department is also accountable for the planning of municipal land-use and development
• Promotes the development of land resources through appropriate planning standards and continued revision of planning legislation
• Also gives approval and authorization for homestay, piggery, and poultry farming

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NFA supports businesses and industry in a number of ways such as:
• Providing fire safety training
• Fire safety inspection on buildings
• Monitoring industries storing or using dangerous goods
• Maintenance/inspection of fire equipment on premises
• Assists in developing emergency management plans

• The National Fire Authority is responsible for the issuance of a Fire Compliance Certificate

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• The Department of Labour conducts hazard audit to ensure that the premises is safe for a business, as well as safe for customers etc
• Issues Occupational Health & Safety Certificate
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The office of the Attorney General provides the following services:
• Mitigation and advocacy
• Legal advice and representation
• Issuance of guest home and hotel licensing
• Intellectual property
• Copyright tribunal
• Legal Aid
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• The Registrar of Companies office administers the registration of business and business name
• Issues money lending license
• Any application to operate a business in the village/rural settlement needs an approval letter from the Turaga ni Koro
• All applications require TIN
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The Divisional Commissioners Offices for the Northern, Western, Central and Eastern divisions respectively come under the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management.

The Divisional Commissioners Offices facilitate services including:
• The issuance of liquor license
• Issuance of fundraising permits
• Gaming application
• Issuance, renewal and cancellation of business license

• These services are only applicable for those outside the Local Government/Municipalities boundary
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Fiji’s National Financial Inclusion Taskforce (NFIT) provides greater focus in achieving financial inclusion. NFIT is responsible for the oversight of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and initiatives that relate to financial literacy, microfinance, statistics and inclusive insurance.

NFIT can assist you by:
• Helping you better understand the different types of financial services and products
• Sharing ideas and information with you to help you know how and when these services and products should be used
• Giving you tips on improving your personal money management skills