Many Fiji companies are involved in exporting goods or services to various parts of the world.
Fiji Government has made a strategic commitment to transform Fiji into an export-led economy, and provides training, help, incentives and some fully or partly-funded initiatives to encourage Fiji businesses to export products and intangible commodities such as knowledge and services.

Apart from high-level initiatives, such as negotiating trade agreements with other countries, in many instances the government has worked with the private sector to set up or leverage existing networks and initiatives – networks and initiatives, which new exporters can tap into.

How we can help?

NCSMED can help businesses navigate the export minefield. If you are planning to export your products or services (irrespective of whether this will be on a large, medium or even very small scale), ready to make the leap, or dabbling in it and finding the going tough, get in touch with us first and we will help you identify which services will be of the most assistance to you, and how to begin to take advantage of them. In particular, NCSMED can provide volunteer business mentors that have export experience to assist established businesses.

In association with other Private and Public organizations, NCSMED can assist you by providing information and advice and putting you in touch with organizations and individuals who can help and people who are already exporting successfully, and by helping you identify and apply for any funding options for which your organization may be eligible. We know exporting is not easy, but we can make the learning curve less steep.