Business Performance Assessment

An organization seeking to improve overall performance must start with a snapshot of the current state of affairs. With this as a benchmark, future gains can be measured and trends can be plotted to show results of project initiatives. It is important to view the total organization as a system consisting of drivers, results, and measures for correction and improvement.


The Business Performance Assessment process includes an extensive evaluation of management, business, and production processes with the following objectives:

  • To identify strengths and improvement opportunities within the company
  • To provide a basis for developing appropriate action plans for improvement

The Criteria for Performance Excellence are used as the framework for the evaluation. The criteria have been in use and refined for over fourteen years and have achieved an admirable track record with large and small companies. The criteria are designed to help companies enhance their competitiveness through focus on:

  • Improvement of overall business performance and capabilities
  • Delivery of ever improving value to customers, resulting in market place success


The scope addresses all company operations for management, business, and production. The project includes planning and conducting the assessment and reporting of results.


The process and results of the assessment provide the following benefits:

  • Objective evaluation of the management, business, and production processes currently in place and how they are performing
  • Understanding of Key Business Drivers, how results are measured, and how activities and measures are aligned with company goals.
  • Improvement areas that will enhance company performance