About Us

Who are we?


The National Centre for Small and Micro Enterprises Development (NCSMED) was originally set up in 2002 under the Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) Development Act 2002.

It is a Government statutory organisation established to support the creation and development of SMEs in Fiji under the authority of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MITT).

Our main focus is to encourage sustainable business growth, investment and meaningful employment.


What do we offer?



  • NCSMED facilitates Business and Technical Skills training for those wishing to engage in business for the purposes of employment and income generation.
  • The training workshops which are highly experiential in nature, exposes existing and potential entrepreneurs to knowledge and skills required to run a successful business.
  • Training products range varies to meet the client’s needs. This may vary from a week of Creation of New Business workshops to one day Business Improvement workshops on Marketing, Product Development, Customer Service, Procurement, Book Keeping and Records Management and Export Readiness Training.



  • NCSMED has established Business Incubators in Suva and Ra. Primarily the Incubator’s goal is to produce sustainable businesses that are able to operate independently and be financially viable.

· Entrepreneurs starting out may struggle with finance, renting space and essential support functions. The limited resources and time that they have at their disposal requires nurturing, hence the Business Incubator is the perfect solution for such an aspiring entrepreneur.

· Business Incubators are specifically designed for start up firms.

· Our Incubators provide:

v Office space and facilities

v Technical and management assistance

v Promotion and development assistance

v Business support



  • Is implemented in the Ra Province under the Business Incubator programme.
  • Clusters are geographical concentrations of enterprises that produce and sell a range of related or complementary products. They in the process may encounter common challenges and opportunities.
  • The cluster development initiative is designed to:

v Support and strengthen businesses by creating networking among stakeholders

v Reduce cost of doing business

v Brings clusters to a platform where they are given the opportunity to be more vocal in raising and addressing issues pertaining to their businesses

v Create new business opportunities

v Reducing risks of doing business

v Capacity building of enterprises

  • The initiative has been proven to be a major source of employment creation and poverty reduction worldwide




NCSMED staff are committed to render counseling for those who want to start a business or those who may already have a business but need guidance.

Counseling may be based on issues including:

v The skills and experience usually required to start a business

v The information needed to establish a business into new markets

v Business difficulties

v Review your business plan

v Make suggestions

v Advise of agencies and individuals that can assist you

v Provide general counsel on many small business matters



  • The Centre provides a platform for SME’s to get the best exposure and have a better understanding of how the market works.
  • The facility has been set up with a primary objective to showcasing and promoting SME’s as well as an avenue as a sales outlet.
  • Situated on the 2nd Floor of Unity House at 82 Robertson Road in Suva, the Promotions and Sales Centre provides services including:

v Display and promote ‘samples’ of Fijian Made products

v Sell the products on behalf of the producer

v Link products to markets

v Provide market mapping for products

v Assist producers to meet quality standards for target markets

v Improve the profile of the SME sector in general and helps improve business performance.

v An avenue that will assist businesses in securing potential buyers and markets.


· NCSMED’s Promotions and Sales Centre is a platform for Fijian entrepreneurs and the           SME sector at large to promote Fijian Made products.



· The primary objective of this programme is to encourage and up-skill SMEs to manage and grow their business in a way that supports sustained increases in production and employment.

· Our Business Mentors can help you with:

v Setting objectives and direction for your business

v Writing business plans

v Developing effective marketing strategies

v Increasing sales and profits

v Identifying new products and services

v Improving time management

v Identifying new opportunities



· Designed specifically for the people of Vanua Levu, the NDP is a government funded programme that provides equity assistance through grants to cover a portion of the total project cost to enterprises to boost income and employment opportunities.

· The Programme, under the Grant Funding & Training, funds and facilitates demand based business and technical skills training to individuals and communities to equip them with knowledge and skills to manage businesses successfully.

How to Apply for Grant Fund under the Programme:

v Application forms are available at the Enterprise Management Unit’s office at Macuata House, Labasa and selected government offices and financial institutions. The forms are also available from all provincial offices in the North.

v Application forms are to be completed with the appropriate supporting documents and submitted to the Enterprise Management Unit’s office, Macuata House, Labasa for screening and processing.

v NDP officials will visit the applicant’s business site/location as part of the assessment process.



· NCSMED in partnership with big businesses assist in the development of SMEs embedded in their supply chain.

· Assistance is in the form of capacity building through business and technical training.

· Business mentoring is also provided to these SMEs.

· NCSMED knows the significant role that SMEs play in providing goods and services to big businesses and the need for continuous performance improvement to meet the needs of their clients.

· With this business support service we hope to produce highly competitive and successful SMEs.